Raid on the Reactor: Israel & Leadership

Raid on the Reactor: Israel & Leadership

CYP Jewish Leadership Series

A minute by minute reenactment of the daring Israeli raid on the Iraqi nuclear reactor by mission commander Zeev Raz

In one bold action on June 7, 1981, Lt. Col. Zeev Raz tightened his grip on the controls of his F-16 and nosed his fighter jet into a dive. He locked his bombsights on the dome of Iraq’s nuclear reactor, released 2 two thousand pound bombs and blew up Saddam Hussein’s nuclear threat.

Hear the story first hand from Lt Col Zeev Raz. Zeev will talk about that fateful day in history, offer his observations concerning the looming Iran nuclear crisis and discuss guiding leadership principles.

Cocktails: 7:30pm
Talk: 8:30pm

3 West 57th Street
9th Floor

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Host Committee:
Michelle Konstadt
Sam Genet
Jariel Bortnick
Dave Grunstein
David Shahmoon
Matthew Schoenfeld
Ronen Kaminitz
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Raid on the Reactor: Israel & Leadership   Dec 12, 2012
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